Ashjesus and The Big Easy followed by Eclectic Method

UnderCover is the only livestreamed concert series that pairs musicians to play unique versions of each other’s songs live (remotely for now), opening the possibility for surprising cultural mashups.

More than ever, musicians need your help as venues are shuttered because of COVID-19. Please support by giving tips and purchasing original merch. A portion of sales will be distributed to the artists as well as to Musicians Foundation and The Bail Project.

UnderCover is being developed as an ongoing benefit concert series by The Visceral Glitch, and A2IM


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    The Informations - Strang Habits

    The Informations' reached out to us to see if we could help promote their new single, Strange Habits. They gave us a bit of footage to work with, and we glitched it up for them.

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    Album release promo for The Pop Group

    Working with Mark Stewart and Mute Records, we produced a promo to help drive presale for the 40th anniversary of The Pop Group's debut album, Y.

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    The New Rising Sons Album promo

    We were approached by The New Rising Sons to help promote the release of their debut album. The only hitch was, it was supposed to come out 20 years ago.

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    Kiss The Book

    After the success of the promo we created for the album reissue, Mute approached us to create a video for the song Kiss The Book. We collaborated with Mark Stweart again and use archive footage of the band and images from the reissue of Y.

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    Hanna promo for Amazon Prime and Rolling Stone

    Working with Rolling Stone, we produced a promo for a new show on Amazon Prime.

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    Lost Stories

    A motion comic based on a conversation I had with Duff McKagan about the last time he saw Kurt Cobain.

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    Experiential Video Reel

    This is a way to explore the use of cameras unlike everything else out there. This is a one-man army producing these videos.

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    Hustle Comp

    A compilation of motion design work for Complex's channel Hustle.

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    Earth Piece

    This piece was inspired by Yoko Ono's book Grapefruit.



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    QR Code portal

    Share anything with anyone via QR Code Portal.

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    MITO WARRIOR iPad Activation Game

    This is a video game we created for a pharmaceutical company that needed to explain how their product works.

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    Deadmau5 Music Visualizer

    Tribute to Deadmau5 with a music visualizer. It's a visual representation from a song.



  • Step 1

    The Origins of Trip Hop

  • Step 2

    25th Aniversary of 4AD Records

  • Step 3

    20th Aniversary of NWA

  • Step 4

    The Road to Nirvana

Origins of The Glitch

The Visceral Glitch began when the founder, Daniel Kramer, began posting digital art on Instagram. Inspired by the Gestalt Design Theory and Wabi-Sabi, his posts set out to unify a series of disparate images through digital manipulation.

The glitch became the vehicle, and his posts began to generate a buzz. Mark Stewart of the Pop Group contacted him about creating a digital promotional campaign to announce the 40th-anniversary reissue of the band's debut album on Mute records. Another campaign followed from the New Rising Sons, and the glitch began to grow.

Next, Daniel partnered with Marcelo Moyano, a Creative Technologist, to create a content studio that elevates the music experience for the fan and expands the narrative of a band.

What sets us apart?

We are dedicated to expanding your native through content creation and technology

  • Narrative

    Every album captures a moment in time. Whether it's a new release or reissue, we'll help your artist find a way to expand their album's concept.

  • Design

    To glitch or not to glitch, that is the question. We can create custom artwork and video or use your existing material.

  • Technology

    The Glitch lab is where we develop content that reaches out from the screen and demands our attention!.

Start the Conversation


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    Daniel Kramer

    Creative Director/Founder

    Daniel Kramer is the founder and Creative Director of The Visceral Glitch. He blends his experience spanning motion design, radio, and glitch art to create compelling visuals and sonic video experiences for the music industry.

    Daniel began his career in London at BBC Radio, creating music-oriented content for a variety of networks, including 6Music, 1Xtra, Radio 2, and World Service. In 2005 he decamped to Brooklyn, where he shifted gears from audio to motion design. Daniel has collaborated with a range of clients from corporate banks to independent comic book artists. He has art directed a variety of show packages for publishers, including Complex and Rolling Stone.

    In 2018, Daniel began posting digital art on Instagram that was inspired by the Gestalt Design Theory and Wabi-Sabi. His glitch-style design and animations unify a series of disparate images through digital manipulation, creating beauty from overlooked and inconspicuous details. His following grew, and by the end of 2019, he decided to combine his love of music, content creation, and glitch art and grew the Instagram account into a content studio.

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    Marcelo Moyano

    Chief Technologist

    Marcelo is an entrepreneur and a technology ninja at the highest level. He is a person who stands at the intersection of creativity, technology, and business. Marcelo loves interacting with teams of people and helping startups evolve from a basic idea of getting funding through the execution of the concept.

    He is a true leader, having successfully managed an award-winning tech business since 1999 (MindSmack) specializing in multimedia production and interactive content. Marcelo is known as an expert designer and animator and is recognized around the world in the media industry. Marcelo possesses masterful skills in visual design, animation sequences, application development. He has led full-scale projects for clients such as DreamWorks, America Online, Citibank, Doritos, MTV, and countless others.

    Marcelo works with interface designs for different platforms, interactive applications, conceptual branded animations, solutions for online/offline interactive marketing, and social media. Marcelo is the winner of many international accolades, including Adobe Site of the Day for his work with DreamWorks SKG. He is also the recipient of 5 Favorite Website Awards (